DC Finest Group

DC Finest Group

Questionnaire to Qualify

At DC Finest, we are proud to present our upcoming events! If you are planning to participate, please complete the form to start with your registration.

    1/2 - General

    What Kind of Boat do you own?

    What is the capacity of the boat?

    Do you count with a Generator?

    Do you count with a sound system incorporated into your boat?

    Do you count on an external sound system with bluetooth incorporated such as BOSS, JBL?

    Do you count on a responsible licensed Capitan for your boat?

    Is your boat equipped with a FIRE EXTINGUISHER and a FIRST AID KIT?

    Do you have all the proper documentation for the boat?

    How many life vests do you have?

    How many boat ropes do you have?

    2/2 - Terms & Conditions

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    DC Finest Group is not responsible for any boat damage on your boat. The only people allowed on your boat will be your own personal guest, This is not a ticketed event or a public event. This event is a self-invitation gathering where each boat is responsible for having its proper documentation, and safety equipment in order to keep their guests out of danger. You agree to be part of our boat gathering by self-decision. You agree to not disturb, harm, or harass any of our guests at any point. In order to be part of our gathering, you must comply with all requirements. All participants must be 21+ in order to be part of this private gathering.

    Water Safety

    This gathering involved many hours spent on or in water, never diving into water drunk or without checking the depth. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are comfortable and safe when in the water; while we advise that you inform your captain that you are a weak swimmer, ultimately, the responsibility in terms of your safety when in the water lies with you. If you are concerned about your ability to swim, always wear your vest in the water.

    The Circle Raft

    We plan to make this a super cool experience for everyone. Therefore, All captains must watch this video to understand how we will settle up our circle draft.
    Watch on YouTube: How To Build A Circle Raft.